Odds of Dying

What are the odds of dying? For Stevie Number, schizophrenic street person, the odds stand at 100% -- because he’s dead. For Allison Weaver, the probability of meeting a violent death increases exponentially from the moment she finds Stevie’s body through every subsequent step she takes to find out why he died. Add in her stalker ex-husband, the cops finding evidence against her, indecipherable clues that Stevie left behind, and the odds against her staying  alive are getting higher by the minute.

… a fast-paced mystery with main characters who are both likeable and snarky. And there's a nice twist in the mystery. More than that, it's an in-depth look at a setting and subculture that may be unfamiliar. That's hard to pull off without compromising the story but makes for great reading when the author does it successfully. Janeway delivers. - Jenny Andersen, author of Zeph Undercover and Western Heroes series

…fast moving and fun, with a great heroine in Alison Weaver, interesting characters, fascinating locations, and a nice love story. ... Non-stop action and an electrifying downfall for the bad guy at the end! What more could you ask?! - Ruth Thompson, author of Whale Fall poems and Spring Along Cazeoniva Creek