Odds of Dying: Chapter 1.2

The cops came quickly and in full force, ready to deal with a hostage situation. Some of them looked let down when they finally figured out that they only had one dead body, one bruised woman, three confused garbagemen and no gun-toting bad guy in sight.

            When one of the older cops asked him, Dark and Curly told him his name was Tony Dezzutti and made sure the cop knew that it was spelled with two Z’s and two T’s. When it was my turn, I told him my name was Alison Weaver and let him figure it out for himself. I also told him that I knew Stevie and Joe from volunteering at the Mobile Clinic in Berkeley, that I didn’t know what either of them would be doing this far from Telegraph Avenue, and that I didn’t know why anyone would want to kill Stevie. I didn’t bother to add what he knew as well as I. In Stevie and Joe’s world, almost anything could serve as a motive for violence--a sneer, a misunderstood mumbled word, a refusal to share a cigarette.