Odds of Dying chapter 1.1

June 6, 1994
Oakland, California
     Finding a dead body can ruin your whole day. At least it ruined mine. Not that I had much room to complain. Someone had ruined Stevie Number’s whole life.
I found him in the Center’s recycling dumpster sprawled on his back, arms outflung as if to embrace the gray dawn. Even alive, Stevie had smelled bad, and dying had done nothing to improve his body odor. I turned my face away and took a deep breath.
     Okay, I’ll admit it wasn’t just the smell, pungent though it was. As a hospice nurse, I’d seen a lot of people pass from this earth to the next plane, but they’d done it on their own steam—or actually by running out of steam. Stevie had been helped along his way to the next world. Someone had crushed in the side of his skull.