Fault Lines

I am pleased to have my short story included in the in this first anthology of works by Sisters in Crime/Northern California authors.

Get A Life, by Judith Janeway
My name is Nadine Gale. At least, that’s the name I’ve used for the past three months. Before that I went by … well, let’s say quite a few other names. No need to go into specifics because there are warrants out for some of those names, even for my real one, which by now doesn’t feel any more real than the other names I’ve used. I’m not the only Nadine Gale in the world, and one of them is pissed off at me because she thinks I’ve stolen her identity. She’s right. I have.

Edited by Margaret Lucke, Fault Line contributing authors are: Ana Brazil, Jenny Carless, Diana Chambers, David Hagerty, Vinnie Hansen, Katherine Bolger Hyde, Judith Janeway, Mariah Klein, Mariella Krause, Susan Kuchinskas, Deborah Lacy, Bette Golden Lamb, J.J. Lamb, Margaret Lucke, Susan C. Shea, Robin C. Stuart, Nancy Tingley, CJ Verburg, and C.M. West. Foreword by Terry Shames and Diana Chambers.

Fault Lines. The most obvious reference is to earthquakes and to the seismic activity and susceptibility that many people associate with our region. But a writer’s imagination can take it in other directions.

Fault can also refer to blame, liability, guilt, culpability, weakness, accountability, error, imperfection, criticism, condemnation, failing, foible, frailty, defect, flaw, weakness, sin, no-fault divorce, etc.

Lines can mean not only cracks in the earth but also pencil marks, family and ancestral connections, boundaries, lines drawn in the sand, cord or twine, fishing equipment, etc. Not to mention the lines the author is putting on the page.