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The Magicians Daughter

Magician Valentine Hill always begins her act with: “Reality is illusion. Illusion is reality, and nothing is what it seems.” Valentine herself is a case in point: she is unquestionably real, but she has no legal existence. Her mother, a skilled con artist, has never revealed Valentine’s real age, birth place, or her father’s identity—except to say that he was a magician.

No grifter herself, the scrupulous Valentine has spent years searching for her evasive mother, desperate to learn the basic facts of who she is. Literally, to get a life. Robbed of her stake in Vegas, she chases it to San Francisco where a series of odd events reunites her with her mother who, Valentine is sure, despite her respectable façade, is playing one of the city’s super rich. And Valentine quickly enters a world where truly nothing is what it seems. A socialite is a ruthless criminal, a car mechanic a psycho killer, and a cab driver a seductive gangster. After a friendly FBI agent is killed, Valentine forces herself into playing a grifter’s role to put the criminals—and her mother—away. Or at the very least, get what she wants from mom. Will her skills as a magician prove enough to help her maintain the illusion?

Available now from Poisoned Pen Press.



Odds of Dying

What are the odds of dying? For Stevie Number, schizophrenic street person, the odds stand at 100% -- because he’s dead. For Allison Weaver, the probability of meeting a violent death increases exponentially from the moment she finds Stevie’s body through every subsequent step she takes to find out why he died. Add in her stalker ex-husband, the cops finding evidence against her, indecipherable clues that Stevie left behind, and the odds against her staying  alive are getting higher by the minute. 



An Accidental Marriage

They eloped!

But when the bride's parents arrived, the startled newlyweds begged maid of honor Kit Kendrick and best man Ryan Holt to pretend they were the hastily married ones! Only, the new "groom" wasn't smiling.…

Granted, Kit knew the handsome loner wasn't the marrying kind. But somewhere between a handshake from his boss for becoming a family man, warm hugs from well-wishers and Kit's unbudgeable "wedding ring," Ryan became a publicly married man. And maybe with a little time in private, he'd make some real vows.



A Convenient Arrangement

Alex MacHail hadn’t planned on becoming a father—until he met the orphaned Alejandro. He hadn’t planned on falling in love—until he met Jo Barnett. He’s been approved as an adoptive single parent, and now just has to deal with the remaining red tape that keeps Alejandro from coming to live with him. In the meantime, he convinces the newly evicted Jo Barnett to move into his house as a tenant because he has to travel a lot. He hopes that given time together, he’ll find a way into her heart. He also hopes that when that happens, she’ll embrace Alejandro, too.

When Jo Barnett is forced out of her rent control apartment, she hadn’t counted on having a chance to live in a beach front house. Newly broken-up with her loser boyfriend, she also hadn’t counted on falling for her sexy landlord, but that was her little secret. Jo had no idea that Alex’s little secret was about to arrive—and transform their platonic twosome into a cozy threesome!

Out of print. E-book coming soon.