Northern California Sisters in Crime Presents
A New Anthology of Short Stories

Fault Lines-DROP SHADOW.jpg


by Judith Janeway

My name is Nadine Gale. At least, that’s the name I’ve used for the past three months. I’m not the only Nadine Gale in the world, and one of them is pissed off at me because she thinks I’ve stolen her identity. She’s right. I have.




Magician Valentine Hill always begins her act with: “Reality is illusion. Illusion is reality, and nothing is what it seems.” Valentine herself is a case in point: she is unquestionably real, but she has no legal existence. Her mother, a skilled con artist, has never revealed Valentine’s real age, birth place, or her father’s identity—except to say that he was a magician.    Read more...


What are the odds of dying? For Stevie Number, schizophrenic street person, the odds stand at 100% -- because he’s dead. For Allison Weaver, the probability of meeting a violent death increases exponentially from the moment she finds Stevie’s body through every subsequent step she takes to find out why he died.   Read More...